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Ten social benefits of walkable places

August 13, 2021

Winston Churchill insightfully said of architecture, “we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.” That statement is even more true of communities and urban planning. Cities and towns are architecture writ large. Their assembly, often involving thousands of buildings, thoroughfares, and public spaces, impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. A research report called Cities Alive by…

How a Florida beach town changed how we live

May 6, 2021

A town built from scratch in the 1980s ignited a revolution in how we design and build communities. With pedestrian-friendly streets, congenial gathering spots and appealing traditional architecture, Seaside on Florida’s Panhandle proves we can build new places with the qualities we love about classic neighborhoods-a notion once considered an impossible dream. Cities and towns…

Journey to San Leon

April 10, 2021

In historic downtown Sanford, Florida, it’s been decades since a new residential development has been built. And for Lakeview Oak principal Dan Matthews, it was an exhaustive search to find the perfect location among the tree-lined brick streets for the company’s inaugural project. The San Leon is a mixed-use, three-story building with 10 modern residences…

Embracing New Urbanism

February 7, 2021

New Urbanism is a planning and development approach that focuses on human-scale urban design based on the principles of how cities and towns had been built for the last several centuries featuring walkable blocks and streets, housing and shopping in close proximity, and accessible public spaces. Conceived by urban planners Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk,…

In the News: Officials break ground on first downtown residential development in 10 years

July 8, 2020

Growth Explosion to Continue with Mixed-Use Concept Adjacent to Sanford’s ‘Famous L’ By Steve Paradis Herald Staff Officials broke ground on the San Leon development at the corner of 2nd Street and Sanford Avenue early Tuesday, the first downtown residential building in more than a decade. Tuesday marked almost three years to the day that…

Rendering of San Leon

In the News: 3 Story San Leon Project Poised to Bring Living Units, Retail Shops to Sanford Ave

March 31, 2020

MARCH 31, 2020 BY DANIEL R. LEWIS Growth Explosion to Continue with Mixed-Use Concept Adjacent to Sanford’s ‘Famous L’ A survivor of the September 22, 1887 fire that ravaged the wooden buildings populating the east side of Sanford, the Hotel San Leon stood on the corner of 2nd St. and Sanford Ave. The hotel occupied the north…